Acceptance, Always be true to who you are

Acceptance, Always be true to who you are

Hello, my lovely reader!

I know it is such a cliche title, but forgive me. It is the best that I could come up with considering that my mind has been on overdrive for a while.

Remember the times when you were little, and every adult you met told you ‘never change’ or that ‘you are delightful just the way you are’. These words! The impact these words have when you actually realise their full meaning is enormous.

I mean … no, you don’t think it is of much importance when you are young. Why would you want to be someone else right?

But now; right at this very moment whilst I’m sat on an office chair, it hit me! Who am I? What have I done with myself? Do I even remember who I was? And the reason for this epiphany … an interview.

Here I am, discussing and hopefully showing off a positive image of myself in front of my prospective employer. But at the back of my mind, I kept getting the nagging feeling about something being off. It wasn’t the internship opportunity or the work that came along with it. It was more to do with the fact on whether I was right for them or not.

Truth be told; I hate interviews. I am the kind of person who runs away from the spotlight at any given time. Interviews get me anxious and make me feel unworthy. Rejections are a part of life, but they still hurt despite what you think and say. It shows that despite your best effort; there are people who don’t like you. Or that they don’t think that your 100% is good enough for them.

While we are taught growing up that you must stay true to yourself, and never let anyone change you; we don’t realise that we do change! It is inevitable! We always have to show our good side, whether it is for a job or to find a prospective life partner, or even for getting an admission in college!

Sometimes people are too afraid to be themselves in front of friends in case they give off a bad impression. Why though? Why always show the good? Is it hard for people to accept the bad in us? Or is it their version of bad that we are shrinking away from?

I haven’t figured out all the answers, but I will work on this. I may end up being wrong, but it is something I felt that I needed to write about.

We all change. It is called ‘growing up’. That does not mean we change what is individual about our self. Family and friends are supposed to see you at your best and accept your worst. And if you feel like you need to hide that; then you are hiding your self. Show the real you! And be fearless! People will accept that or move on. Either way, you still remain the same.


What are your thoughts on showing your personality and truly owning up to it? Comment below if you also have felt the need to act and be like other people to please them.


Shweta is an introvert and a passionate writer. When she is not writing, reading or working on social media, you can find her with a glass of hot chocolate obsessing over the latest TV Shows.

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