Change, Always Push Yourself

Change, Always Push Yourself

Hello, my lovely reader!

Today’s post is a bit of a rant, so excuse the long post.

“Are you bored?” “Are you unhappy?” … “Maybe you are tired?”¬†Does anyone get these reactions when you tell someone that it’s time for a change? I mean for me personally, hearing these words is like clawing on the chalkboard with your nails. Unbearable!

I don’t mean to condone or demean the people who like their routine. A structure is very important, but so is change. Why not move ahead? Why not wish for more than the normal? I have many days where I imagine life as a 007 agent, or being an apprentice for Sherlock Holmes! I mean, variety is the spice of life, isn’t it?

To be clear, this does not in any way mean I am unhappy. That is why this blog was created; in a moment of change. Top tap into a creative side I wanted to explore. To move on and grow. Writing is my hobby … and I will continue to evolve and grow with it. That doesn’t mean I have changed! I am simply exploring something new.

This post is for you if you finished studying, or have now entered the service industry. Is this it? Study and work. Why not try something new? Something more? I am a huge advocate of being a beginner and always being a student of life. So why don’t you continue doing something that you love and crave, even if it is a hobby right? It isn’t always about the money; happiness matters as well.

Get a wardrobe makeover, or change your look! Stop being comfortable and push yourself to be better daily!

You are your own competition. Always remember that. Despite what anyone says, you must always strive to be better than you were yesterday. So get up, try something new. Learn or create something or even pick up a hobby and go with the flow; you might surprise yourself and others.

And while the options may be endless, always follow your heart and your own choices. Because passion will always lead to something greater; your happiness.



Shweta is an introvert and a passionate writer. When she is not writing, reading or working on social media, you can find her with a glass of hot chocolate obsessing over the latest TV Shows.

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