i. 60 days of not working on my goals! Yup. I wish I could say … PSYCH! And laugh at your face, but it’s true. I really did do nothing. I failed in working on my New Year Resolutions.

After a ‘supposed’ launch of my blog and with big dreams and plans, I got back to my distractions and stopped working on the goals I had set. But as I calmly sit and write, after what seems like a long time, I got back to thinking. So? Now what?

I mean … is that the worst thing that has happened in my life? Hell no! I know for a fact that it certainly isn’t the best feeling, but you know what … I refuse to sit back, crib, cry, complain or even give excuses.

I MESSED UP. I own this fact, and now I am going to figure it out and make things right.

More often than not we mess up. It’s life and WE are human! But that doesn’t mean we give a lame excuse and don’t go back to fixing it. It’s still 2018! The year has just begun … the month has just begun! In fact, I’m going to sound like Chicken Little when I say this but … TODAY IS A NEW DAY.

Get up, get off the couch, get your notebook … you don’t need to buy a fancy one; and write. Write what you want and plan on how to get what you want. You are lucky to be alive … be grateful of every resource at your disposal and, use them towards making something of your life that you will be happy to have achieved!

Use that feeling of being ‘useless’ and drive your energy in making it happen! A new month, a new day … even a brand-new hour! You are new with every second you are growing. Keep that thought in mind and look ahead.

And always remember … you can never fail, if you don’t give up!

Have you failed? Did you give up trying and simply lost hope? Let me know in the comments below, if this post has inspired you to take action and if YOU have any tips do share.

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