Hope you had a wonderful weekend and even better holidays.

Now that the festivities are over; I got to ask though … now what?

I have been going crazy hearing everyone around me contemplate on the past year; what they didn’t do and what are their (wait for it! …) RESOLUTIONS for 2018. I saw some people actually compare notes on what had to be done instead of just doing it right away. (why do it now when you can actually do it better next year; was the response I got)

Truth be told, I was definitely THAT person up until last year. I used to say “wait for a new year and I will do it” … what changed then? I guess you can say I grew up. I decided instead of just saying resolutions and writing them down and later forgetting about it wasn’t enough. I mean, if you are going to do them; just do it and get it over with. Do it at the present time. Why wait? You won’t get an extra grade for it. In fact, waiting up until the very last moment could hamper the effort you actually put in working on it.

Well, as this New Year begins, I have decided not to make any resolutions. Not to confuse it with whiling away my time for the year. No. I have ambitions. I have goals that I have to complete to make it happen.

So I shall. Step by step. You can’t climb to the top without going after it one step at a time, right?

So if you are in a slump or are super excited to begin the New Year, I can honestly say just keep your goals in mind. Some may take 365 days; others may take longer or shorter. It depends. And you know what … it doesn’t really matter. As long as you work towards it every day; every single moment counts. Just keep the excitement and happiness alive!

Forget the whole, New Year – New You thing. You will always be there … changing and growing. You don’t have to reinvent yourself every time the earth completes the orbit around the sun.

You are YOU. Be proud. And work hard every day to be a better version of yourself; for your happiness and for others.

Once again, I wish everyone the very best! And in the words of my wise friends; “LET’S MAKE SHIT HAPPEN !! ”

10 thoughts on “Happy New Year – 2018 New Year, New Start and Mindset”

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