How can being Organized help your Mind

How can being Organized help your Mind

Hello lovely reader!

Another day, another post eh? I had the most wonderful day, and if you want to know more then definitely head on over to my Instagram.

Today I wanted to write on something that I have always struggled with, called ‘organization’. Those who know me will probably laugh because it isn’t my area of expertise. BUT I am learning, as is everyone who is reading this. So, the question remains; why should you be organized?

As you know, I have mentioned in a post a few days back that I will be documenting my journey on intentional living, and currently … it’s all about the WHY.

Think of me as an annoying pre-schooler who is consistently trying to find out the reason for everything.

Why do you need to be organised? Of course to be more productive! It is helpful in our daily life.

Hold up!

Of course, I know the obvious answer! But what does it help you be more productive in? Think about that a little bit.

If you are like me and struggle to get into a good and organised habit, then the first thing you should know is your Why. For me, I am doing #BlogTober for the entire month, which means 31 days of continuous content, posts and ideas to jot down. I can’t mess it up!

I NEED to be organised so that I don’t have ideas missing, or documents deleting … which did happen today! And once you figure out a specific purpose for you to shift your messy habit, then you will see the actual changes that happen.┬áBeing organised and methodical has helped me keep up-to-date with my scatterbrain thoughts. And not only that but because I don’t have to hunt for something … my mind has actually become clear.

Being organized will help keep you sharp, focused and will allow your mind to work on more important thoughts. There is plenty of stuff nowadays that can be automated or work that can be assigned to someone else. Delegate and distribute! This will help keep your mind focused laser sharp on the task at hand, without having any unnecessary distractions.

So if you are a clutter monster … or simply someone who can’t keep track of your stuff, then remember that the panic your mind goes through to find something in the mess is the energy that can actually be used for something much more useful.


What are your thoughts on being organized? Are you a clutter freak or do you like things and work to be done in a particular order? Comment below your thoughts and I would love to know more.


Shweta is an introvert and a passionate writer. When she is not writing, reading or working on social media, you can find her with a glass of hot chocolate obsessing over the latest TV Shows.

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