Learning, Why should you always be a Beginner

Learning, Why should you always be a Beginner

Hello lovely reader!

Following up from yesterday’s very uplifting blog post, today, I wanted to write about ‘learning’. Being a beginner specifically.

Do you remember being in school, and trying out fun activities without a care in the world? Well, I do. AND it was bloody amazing! New subjects, new sports activities and even new extracurricular activities! But then … what changed?

We grew up. Finished school, college and then got a job. Mastered the job and kept working.


I cannot stress enough how harmful that is! Not only is it terribly boring, but the grey cells that you have … your brain! … it actually begins to make you dull. Also, it makes time go slower! Yes. You heard me right.

When you keep feeding something new to your mind, it takes the time to process it. And when you keep working on the specific skill or subject … you actually forget to keep checking the time. WHY? Because you are learning! So, in short, time flies when you are actually doing something productive!

Aside from that, being a beginner also gives you the power that you need of not being afraid! When you are learning, you have no expectations, others have no expectations from you; you are simply letting go and accepting the flow of learning. This is so enormously helpful in keeping you grounded and under less pressure.

We are all students, consistently learning; whether it is life or work. So accept that, and keep working on your craft. Even if you think that you have mastered it, work some more and learn some more.

Being a beginner in any field keeps you on your toes, motivated, driven and also a humble person and a leader.┬áSo if you want someone to look up to you, then don’t be extraordinary. Just be a student. Keep learning, and keep teaching.

A good teacher is always a good learner.


What are your thoughts on learning? Do you accept being a beginner or would you rather be a master? Comment below your thoughts and so that keep the chat going.


Shweta is an introvert and a passionate writer. When she is not writing, reading or working on social media, you can find her with a glass of hot chocolate obsessing over the latest TV Shows.

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