i. Hey guys! I hope you are having a good day getting into this weekend. I am so, so happy to begin writing for my new blog series called ‘Saturday Tips.’

I have been feeling super inspired lately to learn, grow and to consume as much content as possible. Why? … because I want to learn from people whose level I want to reach.

But I also wanted to share … to anyone willing. So! How was this going to happen?

With a new writing series … DUH!

I knew it wasn’t enough recommending certain videos, books or podcasts and even webinars. When I thought about it I realized that it would only take you in circles. So, this idea was born! After all … sharing is caring, RIGHT?

Don’t worry, I’m simply branching out my writing skills so that I can provide super quick and easy content to go through, as you begin your weekend and get set to plan ahead for taking on the next week.

I hope you enjoy seeing … (reading in this case) more frequent blog posts, because I plan on providing a whole lot of valuable content. Knowledge is power, and sometime these quick nuggets of words can also pack a serious punch of motivation!

Let me know what you think about this page, the upcoming series and the little changes to the blog content. I always appreciate the feedback. Have a happy weekend!

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