i. 2018 has officially begun … well it did 2 months back, but who’s counting? Have YOU begun gearing up as the first quarter of the year comes to an end?

Basically, like everyone else I had hoped to begin 2018 with big, big dreams! It was a rough 2017, and I wanted to start the year with a BANG! I won’t give excuses as to why exactly I failed in my New Year Resolutions … (you can check out my last post), but I always have time to fix it and move on. I mean, it’s always better to begin than to have never started, right?

Reminder: Don’t ever look back … but always keep your eyes ahead, looking forward.
I heard of a quote recently that fit this blog post and wanted to share with you.

“Dreams, without goals, are just dreams.” – Denzel Washington.

With this motivation boost, I just want to remind you that you can always dream big. There are no restrictions. But keep specific goals in front of you to achieve your dreams. Then they will be your reality … and then, you can dream some more.

Grab your notebook, pen or paper and start writing! Yes. Do it the old-fashioned way. And always keep it in front of you. Seeing it in your face allows you to make decisions that will bring you closer to those goals. Have a big picture, then make smaller goals. It is so, so important to have yearly goals, monthly goals even daily goals! Without goals, you have nothing to focus on. And this is a something every successful person lives by.

So, ditch the whole New Year Resolutions and just dream! After that … PLAN! Goal setting is just nerd talk for planning. So, do it. And see how quickly you can begin changing and improving your life.

My most important 2018 Goals are:
– Self-care. Be healthy; body and mind.
– Write more. Blog consistently. Be creative. Affect Change. Inspire Others.
– Love. Give back to people who are important to me.
– Travel more. Explore and see the world and learn.
– Be more independent. Confident. Self-assured.

What are your goals? Have you already accomplished any? Write them in the comments below, I would love to be inspired and motivated by YOU.

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