Why should you always appreciate Life

Why should you always appreciate Life

Hello, my lovely reader!

Something has been on my mind quite a lot, and I thought of sharing it with you guys.

Does it bother anyone how ungrateful we get sometimes? We complain, we crib, we whine consistently. Whilst I’m sat here contemplating on the future and the work I need to get done for the week; a bunch of people are sitting somewhere on the other side of the world, mourning the loss of their loved ones.

I am forever grateful and blessed every single day that I am awake and laughing with my family and friends. Knowing that the people I care deeply about are safe, keeps things in perspective that life is too short and, it can end anytime and unexpectedly.

While we all feel the grief and loss for what is happening in the world, we must continue to move forward. Walk on, show love and surround yourself with love and happiness because no one, NOT ANYONE will know how soon it can be taken away from you.

Looking forward without the knowledge of what will happen is the mystery! It keeps us going ahead. It is what makes us get up in the morning and say “Good Day” even if we don’t know whether it will be a good one.

All that I am trying to say is that you must appreciate what you have and go after what you want. Go after it with every instinct that you have, and just do it!

Life is a gamble, and there is always that 50/50 chance we have of making it to the better side. But it won’t make any difference if you don’t appreciate the little things and go after bigger and better things.

Live a life not of regret, but of the satisfaction and appreciation of being able to do, see and speak about what it is that you love.


Do you also spread love and kindness? Comment below your ideas and thoughts about the being the positive source of light in a world filled with darkness and negativity.


Shweta is an introvert and a passionate writer. When she is not writing, reading or working on social media, you can find her with a glass of hot chocolate obsessing over the latest TV Shows.

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